R&AW Traitor Rabinder Singh, Recruited by CIA in Late 1990’s

    R&AW Traitor Rabinder Singh was a Major in the Indian Army when he was deputed to the Research & Analysis Wing of India in 1987. Recruiting a spy as a double agent is considered the finest art, boldest move & most difficult task in hand by any agency, as it requires persuasion & pressure, but American CIA & Russians are very good at it as they have been spending a lot money & time in these tactics.

    People inside the agency believe that Singh was honey trapped by a CIA officer code named Annie working in Langley, Virginia USA when he was working in Hague as a counselor (R&AW desk) serving abroad in the Indian Embassy. Probability of being compromised is not a new thing as in late 1980’s an IPS officer named Unnikrishnan serving in R&AW was also turned against the agency by the CIA as he was also honey trapped.

    How much information was compromised by R&AW Traitor Rabinder Singh?

    Well the answer to that question is somewhat around 15,000 pages to 20,000 pages. When Rabinder was made a double agent by CIA he was lured to give away the information regarding India’s covert operations being done in North East India against the Naxals & various Rebel groups, these notorious groups are either funded by the US deep state or by the Chinese government with the help of NGOs working on the ground.

    How did R&AW come to know about the fiasco?

    Rabinder used to bring top secret files to his home & made photo copies of it, sometimes he made the photocopies in the offices, which raised some concerns. In January 2004 to April 2004 Rabinder was put under surveillance, apart from North East he also gave away the information regarding Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar & Sri Lanka. According to the people in the agency Rabinder laid a trap on more than 50 innocent junior officers to feed him with the important information regarding these countries.

    Other than the important Intel he also gave away the names of the officers working abroad as a spy, he was stabbing the whole agency & the people of India in the back. He used to take out his colleagues to the most expensive restaurants to get the information by charming them with praise.

    When the agency busted his betrayal they came to know that he was well trained by the CIA in every aspect. When he used to bring top secret documents in his house he clicked there photos with a expensive camera given to him by CIA, then he used to copy those images onto a hard drive, after that he used a secure file transfer protocol to send these files to CIA & in the end he used to erase all the data from the drive & shredded every document.

    The Counter Intelligence team started tailing him when they were sure that he was the mole in the agency. They bugged his house & car, his driver was told to listen to every conversation he had with other people. Two officers were assigned outside his house to watch his activities.

    Was Rabinder ever Caught by R&AW?

    Rabinder was a very smart guy, that’s why he was recruited by the agency in 1987, furthermore CIA was helping him, when the agency came to knew that he was a mole counter intelligence unit kept eyes on him 24*7, but Rabinder somehow smelt the foul play. In 2004 early morning he with his wife Parminder told his family servant that they were going to attend a wedding function in Punjab.

    But he never went to the wedding; rather he was checked in at a hotel in Nepalgunj near India-Nepal border which was booked by the CIA station chief. Rabinder & his wife Parminder were provided newly fake passports in the name of Rajpal Sharma & Deepa Sharma. On 7th May 2004 an American escorted them on board to the Austrian Airline Flight 5032 which was headed to Washington.

    What mistakes were made by R&AW regarding Rabinder?

    Many people in the agency told that R&AW traitor Rabinder Singh was being played by the CIA from very early on when he joined the agency but mainly after the 1998 nuclear explosion done by the Indian govt. The American government was really pissed off, some experts say that it was a tight slap on the face of the United States & it’s secret intelligence agency, when the US enquired CIA about the project the agency didn’t have any Intel.

    These things led on to the activating the double agent Rabinder Singh who had gone to the rank of Joint Secretary in the NDA government. Many people in R&AW raised concern’s regarding his activities but the chief of R&AW Mr Brijesh Mishra ignored everything, in the end when Rabinder was about to escape a R&AW officer asked Mr Mishra to sign the document in order to arrest Rabinder but somehow his request was denied.

    The spotters who were ordered to keep an eye on Rabinder’s house never came to know how he left the house early that day. R&AW desk at Nepal had been given every information but they never did anything to stop Rabinder from boarding that flight. This raised a serious question as to how many people were compromised.

    How did he spend his Last years in the US?

    Rabinder Singh lived his remaining defector life in New Jersey US with an alias, he was dumped by the CIA as he was of no use, they didn’t give him money & his request to join a think tank which was run by a former CIA senior officer was blocked as was his asylum application. Rabinder died in a road accident in Maryland, US in 2016.


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